Multi Row

The Anatomy Seated Cable Row is a versatile piece of equipment designed to strengthen the upper body. With its multi-height adjustments, this machine accommodates various user sizes and preferences. The seated position ensures stability and proper form during the exercise. The Seated Cable Row engages multiple muscle groups, including the back, shoulders, and arms. The adjustable handles and padded seat provide a comfortable and customizable workout experience. The cable-based resistance allows for a smooth and controlled movement, targeting both the pulling and releasing phases of the exercise.
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the Anatomy Seated Cable Row offers an effective way to enhance your back and upper body strength. Regular use can help improve posture, muscle balance, and overall upper body functionality. Incorporate this machine into your routine for a comprehensive and adaptable strength training session.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):


Product Weight:

Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame for exceptional durability and longevity. Robust structural design minimizes vibrations and ensures stability even under intense workout conditions.

Precision-machined, fully enclosed weight stack with incremental weight options for progressive resistance.Available in a range of weight capacities to accommodate diverse user requirements.

Advanced pin-loaded system enables quick and secure weight adjustments, allowing seamless transitions between exercises. Ergonomically designed weight selection mechanism minimizes user effort.

Articulating movement arms replicate the natural rowing motion, engaging multiple muscle groups including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trapezius. Independent arm movement allows unilateral training for balanced muscle development.

Precision-engineered pulley system with sealed ball bearings ensures smooth and friction-free operation. The cable system offers consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion.

Stainless steel guide rods with linear bearings enhance stability and reduce friction, promoting fluid exercise execution. Bearings contribute to silent operation, fostering a distraction-free workout environment.

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