Leg Extension

The Anatomy Pin Loaded Leg Extension machine is a versatile addition to any workout routine. Engineered for targeting quadriceps muscles, it offers a controlled and efficient way to strengthen and tone the front of your thighs. Designed with user comfort in mind, it boasts adjustable settings to accommodate different fitness levels. The ergonomic seat and backrest ensure proper posture, reducing the risk of strain during workouts. By isolating the quadriceps, this machine helps in developing muscular endurance and promoting balanced leg strength.
Its user-friendly design allows for quick and easy adjustments, making it suitable for beginners and experienced gym-goers alike. Incorporate the Anatomy Pin Loaded Leg Extension into your regimen to enhance your lower body strength and achieve well-rounded fitness goals.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):


Product Weight:

Heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel frame ensures durability and longevity. Precision welding and powder-coated finish for a sleek appearance and resistance to wear. Ergonomically designed with attention to biomechanics for optimal user positioning and movement.

Pin-loaded weight stack system with incremental weight plates allows for customizable resistance levels. Weight stack enclosed in a shrouded casing for user safety and aesthetics. Smooth and quiet operation due to high-quality bearings and pulley system.

Adjustable backrest with multiple angle settings to accommodate users of varying heights and preferences. Articulating leg rest with padded rollers enhances comfort and adapts to different leg lengths. Easy-to-use locking mechanism for quick adjustments and secure positioning.

Precise range of motion adjustment to accommodate various user flexibility levels. Graduated markings for consistent tracking and progress monitoring. Sealed bearings provide fluid motion throughout the exercise, reducing friction and discomfort.

Ergonomically designed handles with rubberized grips for a secure and comfortable hold. Angled handgrips minimize strain on wrists and provide stability during the exercise.

Non-slip footplate with textured surface and adjustable foot positioning for optimal biomechanics. Padded ankle rollers with quick-release mechanism for hassle-free entry and exit.

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