Lat Pulldown Seated Row

Dual Function

The Anatomy Pin Loaded Lat Pulldown Seated Row is a versatile dual-function machine designed to target both the back and upper body muscles. This equipment offers a comprehensive upper body workout by allowing users to perform both lat pulldown and seated row exercises in a single unit. Featuring adjustable handles and a padded seat, the machine ensures user comfort and proper form during exercises. The dual-function design enables users to seamlessly switch between different exercises without the need for complex adjustments, making it efficient and user-friendly.
Engaging in the Lat Pulldown and Seated Row exercises helps in building back, bicep, and upper body strength, promoting overall stability and muscle development. The machine’s smooth and controlled movement assists in isolating the targeted muscle groups for effective and focused workouts. Incorporating the Anatomy Pin Loaded Lat Pulldown Seated Row machine into your workout routine can contribute to a well-rounded upper body development. Regular use can assist in achieving a strong back, improving overall upper body strength, and supporting functional movement patterns.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):


Product Weight:

Heavy-duty industrial-grade steel frame with precision welding ensures structural integrity and longevity. Electrostatic powder coating provides a corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant surface, maintaining the equipment’s aesthetics and functionality over time.

High-tensile steel aircraft cables with nylon-coated protective layers offer maximum durability and smooth, frictionless movement. Sealed ball-bearing pulleys reduce friction, noise, and wear, enhancing the fluidity of motion..

Robust weight stack with incremental resistance options to accommodate various strength levels.Precision-machined weight plates with numerical markings allow for effortless weight selection and tracking.

Ergonomically designed seat with multi-position adjustments ensures proper alignment and comfort for users of different sizes. Padded thigh rollers with quick-adjust mechanisms provide stability and support during exercises.

High-density foam grips and handles minimize fatigue and promote secure gripping, enhancing user experience and safety. Multi-grip pull-down bar and rowing handle attachments offer versatile exercise options targeting different muscle groups.

Articulating dual-function mechanism accommodates both lat pulldown and seated row exercises without the need for manual adjustments. Angled seat and backrest encourage natural spinal alignment and promote optimal muscle engagement throughout the range of motion.

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