Hip Thruster

The Anatomy Pin Loaded Hip Thruster is a specialized machine designed to effectively engage and strengthen the muscles of the hips and glutes. This equipment offers a targeted way to perform hip thrust exercises, which are known for their benefits in enhancing lower body strength and stability. Featuring an adjustable padded bench and secure foot platform, the machine ensures user comfort and proper form during exercises. The pin-loaded design allows users to easily adjust the resistance to match their fitness level, making it suitable for individuals of varying strengths.
Engaging in the Hip Thruster exercise helps in building hip and glute muscle strength, contributing to improved lower body functionality and stability. The machine’s controlled movement assists in isolating the targeted muscle groups, providing an effective and focused workout. Incorporating the Anatomy Pin Loaded Hip Thruster into your workout routine can assist in achieving well-defined glutes and enhancing lower body strength. Regular use can contribute to balanced muscle development, promoting better posture, and supporting functional movement patterns.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):


Product Weight:

Heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel frame ensures exceptional durability and stability during intense workouts. Electrostatically powder-coated finish enhances the machine’s resilience against wear, tear, and corrosion.

Multi-angle adjustable bench allows users to customize the starting position and range of motion, catering to various body types and fitness levels.
Ergonomically contoured padding offers comfort and minimizes pressure points during exercises.

Precision-machined weight stack with incremental plates enables fine-tuned resistance selection, accommodating users of varying strength levels. Easy-to-use pin selection mechanism ensures swift transitions between resistance levels, optimizing workout efficiency.

Dual-action handles with non-slip grips enable users to perform both hip thrusts and glute bridges, targeting different aspects of lower body musculature.

Dual-bearing pivot points and linear bearings facilitate smooth and controlled movement throughout the exercise, reducing friction and enhancing stability. Adjustable stoppers ensure consistent range of motion, allowing users to achieve full extension without risking overextension.

Quick-release safety mechanism allows users to disengage from the movement at any point, ensuring security during workouts.Protective shrouds and covers prevent accidental contact with moving parts, maintaining user safety.

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