Strength Exercise Equipment

Your choices make all the difference, so we made it easier to choose the solutions right for your budget, your space and the people you serve. Our new cardio series are compatible with a selection of refined consoles for exciting new combinations of performance, entertainment and connectivity. When it comes to achieving your goals, it’s easy to choose Anatomy Fitness — and know you’ve chosen wisely.

Strength Series

When it comes to facilities that demand the best, Anatomy Fitness provides an unmatched portfolio of premium equipment. Performance Series offers a refined aesthetic, precision-engineered performance ready for intense workouts, exclusive features that make exercise better and smarter, and durability that stands up to heavy use for years.

Pin Loaded Series

Constructed from high-strength steel, the series ensures longevity and stability while accommodating a diverse range of users. The anatomically designed seats, coupled with adjustable backrests and handles, guarantee optimal positioning for users of varied sizes.

Our Pin Loaded Series merges advanced biomechanics with sleek aesthetics, offering an engaging gym experience that caters to both beginners and seasoned athletes. Elevate your fitness facility with this technologically superior and meticulously crafted gym equipment lineup, redefining the standards of excellence in strength training.


Plate Loaded Series

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Plate Loaded Series​ features high-tensile steel frames designed for maximum durability and stability, accommodating heavy loads while maintaining structural integrity. The series integrates advanced ergonomic design, allowing for seamless user customization through adjustable seat angles, pivot heights, and handle positions.

Our Plate Loaded machines utilize advanced loading systems, providing micro-adjustable weight increments for precise progression. The strategic placement of weight horns ensures ease of loading and unloading, while the ergonomic grip handles enhance user comfort and safety.

Known More About Our Strength Line

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