weight plate tree with barbell holder

The Anatomy Weight Plate Tree with Barbell Holders is a versatile and space-saving storage solution for weight plates and barbells in any gym or fitness setup. This piece of equipment is meticulously designed to keep your weight plates organized, easily accessible, and your barbells neatly stored.

Constructed from durable steel, the weight plate tree is built to withstand the weight of multiple plates and barbells without bending or sagging. The vertical design optimizes floor space, making it suitable for home gyms, commercial facilities, or workout spaces where space efficiency is paramount.

The tree features multiple pegs and sleeves to accommodate weight plates of various sizes and dimensions, providing a secure and organized storage solution. Additionally, the integrated barbell holders keep your barbells upright and safely in place, preventing them from rolling or leaning.

The Anatomy Weight Plate Tree with Barbell Holders offers convenience during workouts, allowing users to easily access the desired weight plates and barbells. This keeps your training area tidy, reduces clutter, and enhances safety by preventing tripping hazards. Whether you’re a strength training enthusiast or a fitness professional, this storage solution ensures that your weight plates and barbells are readily available for a smooth and efficient workout experience.

Product Specs

Main tube Size:60*60*1.5mm 6 storage sleeves & 6 barbell holders
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