Power Tower/ Chin / Dip

The Anatomy Power Tower is your all-in-one solution for comprehensive bodyweight training. Crafted with precision, this versatile piece of fitness equipment combines multiple workout stations in a single, space-efficient design. With features including pull-up and dip stations, push-up handles, and vertical knee raise grips, it offers a diverse range of exercises to target various muscle groups.

Built with a sturdy steel frame, the Anatomy Power Tower ensures stability and durability, providing a safe platform for intense bodyweight workouts. The ergonomically designed padded handles and armrests enhance comfort during exercises, encouraging proper form and engagement.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast focusing on calisthenics or someone looking to build strength and endurance at home, the Anatomy Power Tower is a game-changer. It facilitates a full-body workout without the need for additional weights, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and space-saving fitness solution. Elevate your home gym with the Anatomy Power Tower and unlock the potential for a dynamic and effective bodyweight training experience.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H): 1133*1056*2325mm – Product Weight:83 kg

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