Two Tier round dumbbell rack

2 Tier round dumbbell rack

The Anatomy 2-Tier Round Dumbbell Rack is a compact and efficient storage solution for keeping your dumbbells organized and easily accessible in any gym or fitness space. This rack is designed to maximize storage capacity while maintaining a small footprint.

Constructed from durable steel, this rack offers exceptional strength and stability, ensuring it can securely hold a range of dumbbell sizes and weights without wobbling or sagging. The two-tier design allows for efficient organization, making it easy to keep your dumbbells in order and ready for use.

The round-shaped racks are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, adding a sleek and modern look to your gym or workout area. This makes them a great choice for facilities that prioritize both functionality and design.

The Anatomy 2-Tier Round Dumbbell Rack helps create a safe and organized workout environment, preventing clutter and potential tripping hazards. It’s a space-efficient and practical addition that enhances the overall training experience by ensuring that dumbbells are readily available for users, promoting a smooth and efficient workout routine.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H): 2266*584*778mm
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