Standard Olympic Barbell (Chrome) 20kg / 700lbs

Standard olympic Barbell (Chrome) 20kg / 700lbs

The Anatomy Standard Olympic Barbell in Chrome finish is a classic and reliable choice for weightlifting and strength training. This barbell is constructed to meet the highest standards of quality, combining durability with performance.

The Chrome-plated finish not only gives it a sleek and polished appearance but also provides resistance against corrosion and wear. This ensures that the barbell maintains its integrity even after years of heavy use.

With a weight rating of either 700lbs or 1500lbs, this Olympic barbell is suitable for a wide range of lifting exercises. The 700lbs weight rating makes it ideal for general strength training and fitness routines, while the 1500lbs rating is perfect for powerlifters and those pushing the limits of their strength.

The Anatomy Standard Olympic Barbell is designed with precision-engineered sleeves for smooth plate loading and a comfortable grip. It’s a versatile and durable tool that can be the centerpiece of any home or commercial gym, providing users with a reliable and efficient means of achieving their fitness goals.

Product Specs

A3 steel ,Normal chormed,20kg,28mm, bushing,700LB, 2.2m
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