LCD Eliptical
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Anatomy Commercial Elliptical

Combines innovation and functionality with its state-of-the-art touch screen monitor. This elliptical features an integrated touch screen that offers app integration, allowing users to elevate their workout experience with virtual courses, training programs, and entertainment options.

The touch screen monitor enhances engagement and convenience, providing users with interactive features that enhance their training sessions. App integration opens the door to a variety of workout options and entertainment choices, ensuring a well-rounded and motivating exercise experience.

The Anatomy Commercial Elliptical’s blend of advanced technology and practical design makes it an ideal choice for fitness facilities. The touch screen monitor adds an interactive element to workouts, making them more enjoyable and effective. By incorporating this elliptical with a state-of-the-art touch screen monitor and app integration, fitness facilities can provide users with a modern and engaging cardio solution.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):


Product Weight:

LCD Eliptical
LCD Eliptical

Make your workout a beautifully simple experience with five classic cardio programs (see specifications tab for complete program list).

Energy Saver Mode helps conserve electricity by putting the console in sleep mode if it is inactive for 15 minutes, while still allowing quick restart.

Connect your own Bluetooth heart rate monitor to keep your workout on track to meet your goals. Connect to popular training apps via Bluetooth FTMS.


Display window23.8-inch LCD high resolution capacitive touch screen
Charging functionUSB charging
Resistance range2D levels
Supply voltage200-240V
Step height200mm
Heart rate monitoringHand heart rate/wireless heart rate
Program control19 preset programs and face recognition
Weight of equipment220kg
Audio playbackTwo hi-fi speakers external/headphone jack
Nominal power350W
Current requirement10A
Foat pedal length46cm
stride length620mm
Shortcut keyResistance direct selection
Maximum bearing capacity180kg/396lbs
Overall size1861*871*1732[mm]

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